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Principal features

  • Carbon Optic design
  • Just 390 grams
  • New patented ESR (Elastic size regulator)
  • For Hike & Fly and land sports
  • Certification EN 1385


Technical data (index)

Italian Design


Nerv light's stylish lines are the result of design by Ignazio Bernardi in collaboration with Italy’s most prestigious helmet development company.
A new helmet starts from the desired technical characteristics, and it is given form by means of artisanal processes. In fact the first prototype is sculpted from wood and plaster, and it is then scanned and codified into a 3D file. This in turn is used for computer simulations on which colours and detail design can be perfected, and it provides the data necessary for the CNC machines that will cut the dies for the outer shell and the polystyrene inner shell.
Similar processes are used for all the other helmet components, such as ear covers, visor and so forth.
Once everything is ready, the helmet can be assembled, checked for quality, tested and packaged. The finished product is a fine example of Italian design and technological prowess.

Shell made of strong polycarbonate


We have retained the 3mm-thick polycarbonate shell, which is both exceptionally light and very strong.

Inner polystyrene shell


To make the helmet as light as possible, the polystyrene has a series of carefully-engineered perforations.



The size of a helmet is specified by the comfort padding’s inner circumference.
The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres, which you can determine using a soft measuring tape.

ESR (Elastic Size Regulator), patented



Nerv Light 2 is fitted with Icaro2000's new, patented ESR Elastic Size Regulator. This system adjusts the helmet's fit to perfection. What's more, it only has to be adjusted once, the first time that you wear your helmet. From then on, the Elastic Size Regulator activates automatically every time you put on your helmet, ensuring that it is a snug, comfortable fit. The occipital band that passes around the back of your neck can also be adjusted in height for optimum helmet position regulation.
We introduced the ESR Elastic Size Regulator as an improvement on the Rotary Size Regulator that is a popular feature of some other Icaro2000 helmets. The rotor makes it quick and easy to adjust fit, but usually the operation has to be performed every time you put your helmet on. The ESR Elastic Size Regulator is fully automatic, and with the extra width of the occipital strap, it ensures even better comfort.
In short, the ESR Elastic Size Regulator is yet another example of Icaro2000's constant commitment to safety, comfort and ease of use.
Our new patented ESR (Elastic Size Regulator) is designed to provide perfect automatic regulation from size S (56 cm) to L (61 cm).
The height of the regulator can also be easily adjusted.

Interchangeable internal padding


We have introduced a cap in the high-technology fabric Coolmax, which increases comfort by wicking perspiration away from the head and enabling it to evaporate rapidly, keeping you cool and dry.
Every Nerv light 2 helmet has a label that guarantees the use of this famous new textile, which is also soft to touch and so makes the helmet even more comfortable.

2 caps are available:

The cap is quick and easy to change for a better fit. Size can be further adjusted using the ESR (Elastic size regulator) at the back of the helmet.

If the helmet is not a perfect fit, we can send you new padding free of charge, independently from where you bought the helmet.

Another important benefit of this internal padding system is that you can easily remove it and replace it with new padding, or simply wash it.

Micrometric chin strap


The chin strap can easily be adjusted, with millimetric precision.
You just have to press the red button to undo the strap.
The chin strap is padded with soft, comfortable fabric.

Special shell edge trim


Instead of the usual rubber edge trim, we have developed a method of stitching a strip of fabric all the way around the helmet.
The result is attractive and absolutely unique.

About colours

One of the advantages of using polycarbonate for the outer shell is the fact that it offers great freedom in the graphic design and colours used for its surface finish.
But this flexibility also means that it is difficult to maintain an identical colour in successive production runs.
So the finished helmets may show slight chromatic variations.
Of course, once we have defined the desired hue, we do everything possible to ensure that it remains the same, as far as is possible, from batch to batch.

E.N. 1385 Certification


The Nerv-light has been tested by the italian laboratory CSI, a company authorized by the Italian Ministry of Transport.

For the first time, we have attained a new certification for this lightweight helmet: E.N. 1385 (Helmets for canoeing and white water sports)

Please note that a lightweight helmet – just 390 grams – will never pass the demanding EN 966 certification.
Nevertheless the helmet provides excellent head protection.

View the the complete Test report (pdf, 1.7 MB )


390 grams with the new patented ESR (Elastic size regulator)


View the new Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual for the Nerv Light 2.0

Italian-made quality


All our helmets are created by Italian designers, made in Italy using Italian materials and technology, assembled at our workshop in Laveno by trained Italian personnel, and certified by an Italian company.
It would be cheaper to outsource production overseas. We prefer to do everything ourselves, here in Italy, for a reason: quality, which means safety and user satisfaction. Our quality is not just a slogan: it is demonstrated by tangible results. Our hang gliders and helmets are used by leading pilots who have conquered an impressive list of world championship victories.
And you can see quality in action. You are welcome to visit our workshop and watch our team working on the helmets.

How the shell of the Nerv is made

Texts by Henry Neuteboom
[email protected]